We Provide 24/7 Road Side Repair Service in all over British Columbia and Washington.
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We Provide 24/7 Road Side Repair Service in all over British Columbia and Washington.

Heavy-Duty Alignment

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Heavy-duty truck alignment in Surrey

Truck alignment refers to the adjustment of the suspension components, including the wheels and tires, to ensure that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. 

Truck and Trailer Alignment

Our state-of-art alignment rack is equipped with pre-programmed OEM alignment measurements for all major makes and models of trucks and trailers. It offers immediate feedback on the necessary adjustments needed to restore your alignment to perfection. Don’t let your suspension and steering components deteriorate

Fleet and Commercial truck alignment

Commercial truck wheel alignment is an important aspect of fleet maintenance, it helps improve handling, reduce tire wear, and increase fuel efficiency. Truck alignment involves the adjustment of wheels and tire components to match the manufacturer’s specifications.

Heavy-duty truck alignment has a huge effect on the overall safety and performance of the vehicle. If the wheel alignment is not done properly, the driver may face vehicle pulling from one side, irregular tire wear, and loose handling, so always visit a reputable truck repair shop for service and maintenance of your vehicle.

Our expert technicians can assure proper alignment for a but or a fleet of trucks and trailers to handle short and long distances.

Professional semi-truck wheel alignment

Proper truck alignment ensures that your tires make proper contact with the road surface at the correct angle. This enhances tire durability and efficiency, as well as vehicle safety and comfort. It ensures that the wheels are pointed in the right direction, especially for heavy-duty trucks that tow heavy loads and travel long distances at high speed.

Benefits of heavy-duty truck alignment

Professional wheel alignment is needed if,


At All Care Diesel, we specialize in truck wheel alignment for large vehicles and fleets. We adjust the suspension system that connects your vehicle to the wheels and optimize tire angles for safe road contact, ensuring proper truck alignment.


Trailer Wheel Alignment

Correct trailer alignment is essential to keep the vehicle driving safely and efficiently, we will make sure that everything is correctly aligned, ensuring your safety and increasing the lifespan of the trailer. 

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Have your wheels aligned with us to optimize the transport of your trailer by having the wheels properly aligned by our expert technicians.

Alignment benefits

Proper vehicle alignment is essential for heavy-duty vehicles, providing benefits such as improved handling, stability, performance, and safety. With proper alignment, all wheels move in sync, providing better control for the driver and extending tire life. This means better fuel efficiency, increased mileage, reduced component wear, and enhanced driver comfort. At All Care Diesel, we specialize in aligning tandem axles for heavy-duty vehicles, ensuring your fleet stays on the road and your investment is protected.

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