We Provide 24/7 Road Side Repair Service in all over British Columbia and Washington.
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We Provide 24/7 Road Side Repair Service in all over British Columbia and Washington.

Forklift Service & Repairs


Forklift repair and maintenance services | Safety meets efficiency

Our forklift service is designed to keep your engine in top working condition. We offer 24/7 mobile repair services and have a fleet of fully equipped tools ready to come to your location. We use only high-quality parts and equipment to ensure your forklift is working at optimal performance.


Get 24/7 forklift repair services!

We are well-equipped with knowledge, tools, and experience to repair your forklift. Our expert technicians can handle all the issues related to your commercial forklift. We understand the need for forklifts for your business, and since we offer 24/7 service, which is available on site truck repair and as a mobile service if your forklift needs urgent repairs but you don’t have time, we can help you with our mobile service. If you are looking for forklift repairs in British Columbia, you have come to the right place. Our team always ensures that your forklift is working in top condition. Ignoring minor issues with your forklift can lead to bigger damage while compromising operators’ safety. An inefficient forklift wastes fuel and impacts workplace safety.

We fix all issues related to forklifts:

➡️ Scheduled maintenance

➡️ Emissions testing for forklifts

➡️ Comprehensive repairs

➡️ Fabrication and replacement of hydraulic hoses.

➡️ Fuel and emission systems maintenance

➡️ Power systems checkup

➡️ Hydraulic system inspection

➡️ Brake maintenance and repair

➡️ Diesel engine servicing

➡️ Transmission repair and maintenance

➡️ Lighting checkup and repair

➡️ Alarms or horns inspection and repair

➡️ Tire and axle maintenance

➡️ Forklift body or carriage repair

➡️ Fluid level checkup and maintenance

➡️ Gauges and instrument calibration

➡️ Any additional forklift attachments servicing (rotators, side shifters, etc.)

Forklift Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for your forklift to avoid larger damage to machinery in the future. Our specialists provide scheduled fleet maintenance plans with 24/7 mobile service. Our team can also provide a reminder service if you have a busy schedule.

Your forklift requires service every 250+ hours of its usage:

➡️ Replace fuel filters 

➡️ Grease chassis

➡️ Perform oil changes and replace filters

➡️ Install new filters 

➡️ Inspect tire pressure and condition

➡️ Thorough lift inspection including spark plugs, drive belt tension, distributor points, lug nut tightness, and other critical components.

The forklift requires service every 600+ hours of its usage:

➡️ Replacing the hydraulic oil

➡️ Cleaning of the radiator

➡️ Replacement of fuel and hydraulic filters

➡️ Inspecting the lift chain tension, hand brake, carriage rollers, hydraulic oil pump, accelerator, tilt control, and more.


Forklift maintenance depends on the amount of usage and the conditions in which it is used. Our team provides personalized service according to the needs of your forklift for optimal performance.

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