We Provide 24/7 Road Side Repair Service in all over British Columbia and Washington.
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We Provide 24/7 Road Side Repair Service in all over British Columbia and Washington.


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Follow regular preventive maintenance from a quality commercial equipment repair service provider you can count on; this is the best way to make sure your fleet remains reliable and always ready to go. We have professional technicians and the best diagnostic tools and types of equipment, which help keep your fleet of vehicles running smoothly all the time. By investing in regular preventive maintenance inspections, you can save money in the long run by avoiding costly breakdowns and repairs. Contact All Care Diesel today to schedule a pre purchase inspection for your heavy-duty diesel equipment and keep it operating at peak performance.
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Fleet maintenance is the regular upkeep and repair of commercial vehicles. Our fleet management services are designed to help businesses improve their vehicle performance, reduce costs, and increase overall productivity. Our experienced technicians will work closely with you to develop a customized fleet management plan that meets your specific needs and goals. Our fleet maintenance services include regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs to identify any potential issues before they become significant problems. We offer customized maintenance plans to meet the specific needs and goals of each business. This includes scheduling maintenance at convenient times to minimize disruptions to operations and providing ongoing support and communication to ensure the best possible results. We also keep records of repairs and maintenance, providing businesses with valuable insights into their vehicle performance and cost savings as we focus on preventing issues before they occur. Our clients spend more time focusing on their businesses. At All Care Diesel, we understand the importance of efficient fleet maintenance for the success of the business.

Schedule Your Fleet Maintenance Tailored To Your Needs

With our scheduling system, you never have to worry about your fleet. We make sure that each of your vehicles gets the attention it requires regularly. Fleet maintenance is reliable and stress-free with us, as we handle everything from scheduled repairs to your vehicle’s upkeep.

We also monitor all inspections, repairs, and maintenance for each vehicle so that you remain updated about the status of your equipment. This will help you stick to your busy schedule while minimizing profit and loss due to unexpected breakdowns and scheduling complications.

Fleet Management Software

All Care Diesel relies on the “my TMT service center” software to seamlessly manage every aspect of our operation, from maintenance planning to generating accurate invoices. The software designed for fleets offers some of the most robust reporting, preventive maintenance planning, and repair management tools available today.

By leveraging the TMT service center, you can gain access to these powerful tools at no additional cost. Our software can help you track the lifetime spending of your heavy-duty equipment, create custom reports according to your unique needs, and view the status of repairs and upcoming preventive maintenance online.

Contact All Care Diesel today to schedule a preventive maintenance inspection for your heavy duty diesel equipment and keep it operating at peak performance.

Additionally, our software can help you to:

Manage the entire transportation lifecycle, from order to profit.

➡️ Improve profitability by reducing out-of-route and empty miles.

➡️ Plan and dispatch loads more efficiently, capturing load entries, calculating miles,      and analyzing pricing.

➡️ Make smarter and more profitable decisions using real-time market data.

➡️ Optimize lanes to achieve the best results.

➡️ Plan routes using out-of-the-box final mile routing technology integration.

Some Highlights

Fleet maintenance team

The experts at All Care Diesel are dedicated to handling all issues related to your fleet’s maintenance. Whether you are looking for repairs, or regular maintenance, we have got you covered. We make sure only trained professionals take charge of your fleet for quick and reliable services. They are detail-oriented and fully dedicated to customer satisfaction.

All makes and models of trucks

We can handle all makes and models of heavy-duty diesel equipment. In the last 10 years, we have worked with many businesses. Maintaining the commercial fleet can be a complex and time-consuming process that requires inspection, maintenance, and repair to ensure vehicle safety.

At All Care Diesel Co., we offer customized fleet maintenance services to help businesses keep their commercial fleets running smoothly and minimize downtime.

Various types of fleets

All Care Diesel is able to handle various kinds of fleets. Trucking fleets, that carry large trailers over long distances. Delivery fleets include vehicles for the delivery and shipping of goods. Then, public utility fleets are used by specific companies to provide services like electricity, water supply, and gas supply to the public. 

Besides this, we can also handle cranes, dump truck fleets, and all such heavy equipment.


Smooth sailing

Fleet management services 

To manage all the operations, from planning to generating the final invoice, All Care Diesel uses the software provided by my TMW system. This software can help ease the processing.

✔️ Reporting ✔️ Planning ✔️ Repair management tools

 By using TMW, we get access to tools without paying any extra cost.


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